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We can help with acquiring or selling,
and defending property rights –
deeds, title opinions, closings, and representation
in cases of foreclosure or timber trespass.



Property deeds are among the most delicate of real estate law work, since your legal ownership and your right to convey that ownership depend on very precise information, properly stated in the deed document.

So we must first obtain that information from you, as our client. We can then prepare the deed with extreme accuracy, paying special attention to the property description in previous deeds to the same property.

When the deed is finished, it is presented to you for inspection and final approval. At that point, you have the choice to file it or to request us to file it for you. When we do this, you’ll receive a stamped copy showing the Deed Book and Page where it will be found in the County Clerk’s Office.


Purchasing property is a real estate process that most people undertake rarely, and it usually involves considerable expense, as well as importance to the buyer. It’s only natural (and wise!) to want to make sure you’re buying genuine ownership and rights in the property in question.

There are two actions open to you: purchasing title insurance to compensate you in the event of a faulty title, and ordering a title opinion. We will gladly provide you with a title opinion.

First, we commission research to be done by research professionals, tracing the property’s ownership back through its history, and making sure it is the same property that is described.

When this is completed, we analyze the facts, form a conclusion, and draft the title opinion. In that document, we’ll advise you whether, in our legal opinion, the title is sound, and will disclose any problems that were discovered.

After you receive the title opinion, you still have the choice whether to proceed with the transaction, but you’ll be fully informed.


When a buyer and seller, as well as any banks and mortgage companies involved, reach the point of actually transferring the property, there’s a lot of paperwork, and it all has to be ready and correct.

We have handled numerous sale closings for our clients. All the necessary documents are prepared and scrutinized in advance, and the proper number of copies are made for everyone that should receive them.

So we sit down with our client, and guide them through the maze –what to sign -- how many of each -- and knowing when it’s finally done, and our client owns the property. After that, we see that all the copies reach the proper parties, so you can relax!


Sometimes a lender forecloses upon your real estate, based on grounds you believe are not factual or not complete. We can defend your case and bring forward proof of all the facts.

We’ll do our best to make them reconsider!


In rural areas where timber is a local industry, crews logging one property may cross a boundary and cut on the adjacent property – by accident or on purpose.

These are difficult cases, and nowadays few lawyers will touch them, but we feel strongly about the importance of timber rights, and will fight to recover damages for you and punish the trespass as an example to others.

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