Are You a Victim of Personal Injury?
You Deserve Compensation!

Have you suffered
a personal injury,
or has someone close to you
been hurt or killed
through the negligence
of others?

You have the right to seek damages
that can help deal with the fallout.
We will fight for your rights!

Your experience may involve wrongful death, vehicle mishaps, falls or burns. They may be accidental or deliberately inflicted.

You may have suffered physical, mental, emotional or financial damage.


Though every case is different, most involve dealing with insurance companies, banks, local government, doctors and hospitals.

On your own, this burden can be bewildering and discouraging. But our professional expertise can lift it from your shoulders. At Williams & Williams, we have long experience with the ins and outs of Kentucky injury law.


We're committed to your interests, so we go through a careful process to make sure you receive the maximum award.

  • First, we'll interview you, review your documents and check with any other involved parties or agencies to thoroughly understand the circumstances.
  • Next, we contact your doctor(s) and hospital(s), and obtain your medical records.

    We'll study them carefully, to fully grasp the type of medical condition you have suffered, and also research the normal treatments and medications for it.

    We try to find out whether the care you received conformed to these standard procedures, or was different in any way.
  • Once the legal situation is clear, we research the current climate in damages awards for cases such as yours.
  • Then we can negotiate with the insurance companies and their lawyers.


Receiving personal injury compensation
takes work and patience,
but your case is special to us.
We'll see it through!

Just remember – if we don’t win, you don’t pay!

Contact us today!!

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The law may differ from one jurisdiction to another,
and every case is unlike any other.

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to inform potential clients about the services we offer.

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