Time to Make a Will?
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Aging and health issues
come to everyone,
and each of us should make a will
in plenty of time.

Relying on a lawyer you can trust
gives that reassurance
that everything is taken-care-of


When you're ready, we can assist you to make a will, and see that your estate is administered as you would wish.

We start by finding out how you’d like to distribute your property, who should be your executor/executrix, and who the beneficiaries are. If you feel that your will is likely to be disputed, I can serve as your disinterested executor.

From that information, we’ll prepare the will itself, in a way to make sure that no misunderstandings are possible when the time comes. You will have the opportunity to examine the document at your leisure, and make any changes you want.

When you sign it, we will have witnesses available to attest to your signature and put its legality beyond doubt.

The finalized will can be stored safely in our lockbox, giving you the security that everything is done.


Keeping in mind the possibility of health problems outside your control, it is wise not only to make a will, but also a living will and power of attorney.

A living will states your wishes regarding health-related decisions to be made at a time when you may not be able to speak for yourself.

A power of attorney gives one specific person the right to act for you in specific situations relating to health or to real estate.

It's good to have both, to see that your intentions are carried out.

Either document can be general, with a wide application, or limited to specific areas, circumstances or time period.

We will draft it in the best language, so that your meaning is unmistakable, and aid you in recording it.

Sometimes circumstances in your life change, and you want to revoke a living will or power of attorney
you've already made and recorded. We'll also be glad
to assist you with that.


Guiding estates through the Probate process requires several steps, each with its own deadlines.

When you make a will, you designate an executor/executrix. When it's time, we file paperwork in Probate Court, requesting the judge to legally appoint your designee.

Once this is accomplished, that executor provides us with an inventory of your major assets, such as a house, land, vehicles, and personal property of an estimated value, and also pays outstanding bills and other debts of the estate. He/she presents us with records of those expenditures.

We balance those figures, and prepare a final accounting to the Court of the amounts remaining. Then the estate can be closed, in keeping with your stated bequests.



When they're planning to make a will, one area many people don't think about involves a life testament or ethical will.

Sometimes it’s difficult to put into words the things that mean the most to us. This document can tell the story of our past lives, describe experiences that were significant to us, or speak about our values.

Many of us find it hard to say these things. But Charles D. Williams is a published writer, and can assist you with sensitivity to put together exactly what you'd like to convey.

It's a gift that will be cherished by loved ones when we're gone, and by future generations as well.

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