Family Law –
When domestic problems
become legal

Family law issues can cause major frustration.

Family law issues can cause major frustration.

When domestic problems require legal action, we can offer you our assistance, knowledge and discretion.

Our families are the most precious part of our lives. Any undoing of the family structure costs us more than words can describe. We are prepared to smooth the way, and spare you unnecessary burdens at that time.


One of the most painful areas of domestic legal work is divorce. Both parties make an agreement that they expect to last, yet circumstances lead them to change their positions.

If you and your spouse agree to dissolve the marriage, we will make every effort to minimize complications and mind court deadlines at a time when you might find it very difficult and stressful.

We will see that all the proper paperwork is filled out and filed according to law, and you won’t have to appear in court – we’ll take care of that!


Family law involves provisions for the children of a dissolving marriage.

When a marriage has ended, provisions must be made for custody and support of any children.

If the divorcing partners agree about the arrangements, or if modifications become necessary later, we will prepare and file the required paperwork, and carefully monitor deadlines. In most cases you will not have to appear in court.


Adoption cases are some of our happiest work!

This process is one of building and fortifying the family structure, and, most of all, we know you don’t want anything to go wrong!

We will take great pleasure in preparing and filing all the legal documents, making court appearances, and safeguarding the confidentiality of all concerned.

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