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_____________________________________CRIMINAL LAW

Misdemeanor Offenses

These are some of the charges that fall under the heading of Misdemeanors. We can represent you in cases of

  • drug charges, including possession of marijuana 
  • assault
  • alcohol-related offenses
  • cold checks

Traffic Offenses

Traffic offenses include Driving under the Influence (DUI), Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), Driving on a Suspended License, and others. The requirements vary with the charge, but we can assist you.

__________________________________________CIVIL LAW

Credit Card Disputes

Most of us have found charges on a credit card bill that surprised us. If you believe that a charge on your bill is in error, trying to get the company to rescind the charge can be very daunting.

Worse than that, it sometimes goes on for a long time!

Call us, and we’ll take over the fight, and help you get back your rights.


In Kentucky, small claims suits deal with values of up to $1,500 in money or property, and civil suits involve higher amounts.

Frequent issues in lawsuits are nuisances, failure to perform contract obligations, property violations, and results of negligence.

Whatever the problem you’ve encountered, we’re prepared to help you carry it forward in the most effective way.


It’s discouraging when you’re not able to keep up with payments on your home or a vehicle, and the company or bank is ready to take it back! You’re in danger of losing all your equity, and it’s not fair.

And what if you haven’t even missed payments, but they think you have?

That’s what we’re here for. We know the in’s-and-out’s, and will fight to get you the best deal possible!

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