Charles D Williams

A graduate of Duke University
and the University of Kentucky
College of Law, Charles D Williams
has been a practicing attorney
in Munfordville, Kentucky
for 35 years.

He has always worked to achieve
the best outcomes for his clients.

In 1965, Glenn Davis Williams began practicing law in this building, where he was joined by his son Charles in 1979, upon his admission to the bar.

Following his father's retirement from practice in 1981, Charles D Williams continued the tradition alone, acquiring an experience of law 35 years wide and long.

Like his family before him, Williams is involved with his community. He serves on the Hart County Fair Board, and sponsors several contests each year. He is a member of the Munfordville Tourism Association, and President of the Hart County High School Basketball Boosters.

But in addition to his law career, Charles D Williams is a writer. The history and traditions of south central Kentucky are close to his heart, and he believes it is important to preserve them. He has published several non-fiction works in this area.

  • Blending law and history, in 1999, he researched significant law cases in which his father, Glenn Davis Williams, participated during his legal career, and compiled them with commentary in his first book, A Man of the Courts.
  • Uncle Jim’s Green River Diary transcribes the journal kept by one of his ancestors during an exploratory trip up (and down) the Green River.
  • A Pause Amidst Bloodbaths describes the Civil War Battle of Munfordville, in Hart County.
  • Out of Green River Kitchens is a collection of recipes from his mother, Charline Dowling Williams, together with rich recollections and folk traditions of Hart County residents.

Besides his traditional and historical writing, Charles Williams is also a poet.

The poetry of his lifetime touches upon caves, nature, and tobacco culture, as well as light verse about his days in law school. His first collection of poetry, Asparagus Seems Deaf, was published by Harmony House Publishers in 2006, and a second is entitled The Trees of Life.

Williams is deeply committed to nature and the environment. His home, West Wind Farm, is a Tree Farm where a thousand acres are carefully managed under his stewardship.

His long-term conservation and forest-ecosystem work are recognized by the Kentucky Division of Forestry, the Louisville “Courier-Journal," the American Forest Foundation and the Arbor Day Foundation. In 2010 and 2011 he was a Regional Finalist for National Tree Farmer of the Year. In 2012, he was the Central Region Tree Farmer of the Year.

Again joining history and law, he is one of the few Kentucky attorneys who will handle a timber-trespass case, because he feels so strongly about timber management.

His most recent book, Tree Farm: A History of West Wind Farm delves deep into the history of Hart County and particularly of the farm he now owns, from Colonial times forward.

Charles Williams' concern for the environment has also led him to support the Bacon Creek Watershed Council of the Kentucky Waterways Alliance, as well as serving on the Board of Directors of the American Cave Conservation Association.

And he feels a bond with nature's animals. Deer and wild turkeys abound on West Wind Farm, and for more than 30 years, Williams has raised AKC-registered Old English Sheepdogs, his constant companions.

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