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At Williams & Williams,
four generations of lawyers
have served Kentucky
since 1902.

Now I carry on the tradition.
I'm Charles D. Williams.

When you need legal help, call me.
I will protect your rights.

We all know the experience – life is good, and the road seems clear… Then comes the bolt from the blue: there’s a car accident or other injury, or a marriage dissolves, or the neighbor decides to sue.

This is when you need expert counsel and timely legal procedures to minimize damage and get back on course. With long experience and up-to-date capabilities, we can help you.


-- Car accidents -- hospital or nursing home injuries -- truck accidents -- Workmen's Comp issues -- workplace injuries -- wrongful death --

When you are hurt or someone close to you is killed due to the negligence of others, you have the right to seek damages that can help in dealing with the fallout. On your own, this burden can be bewildering and discouraging, but our professional expertise can lift it from your shoulders. And remember, no recovery -- no fee!


Domestic relations issues can cause major frustration. We can assist you with knowledge and discretion in the areas of uncontested divorce, agreed child custody or child support modifications, and adoption.


Aging and health issues come to all of us. When you're ready, we can assist you to make a will, and see that your estate is administered as you would wish.

Keeping in mind the possibility of health problems outside your control, we can also help you draft your living will and power of attorney, to ensure that health-related decisions are made according to your wishes.

Another area many people don't think about is a life testament or ethical will. Sometimes it’s difficult to put into words the things that mean the most to us. This document can express events of our past lives and also our values, for loved ones when we're gone. It's a gift that will be cherished.

Putting these important matters into the hands of a lawyer you can trust gives that reassurance that everything is well taken-care-of.


Whether you're in the process of acquiring or selling property, or defending your property rights, we can help.

We will prepare deeds for you, research title opinions, and manage closings.

We will also assist you in prosecuting timber trespassers on your property, something not many lawyers in Kentucky will do these days.


In the criminal and civil law arena, we will represent you in cases of misdemeanor offenses, traffic offenses, and foreclosures or repossessions.

Contact us -- We can help!

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